EU Referendum

As you will no doubt be aware, Stuart announced his intention to vote to leave the European Union, and his statement as to why can be viewed on this website. Stuart was always keen to hear the views of his constituents, and he invited them to complete a survey and contact him with any concerns or questions they may have had, as well as holding a public meeting in the constituency on the subject. Stuart always focussed on ensuring his constituents had as much impartial information as possible to make their own decision. On this page, you can see what Stuart has done on the EU Referendum.


Response on EU Referendum Result

My office has received a lot of correspondence regarding the EU referendum result, so it is taking some time to read and respond to people's concerns.

Stuart Blasts 'Patronising' Referendum Campaign

Stuart yesterday spoke in the Chamber on a debate regarding the timing of the EU Referendum, suggesting that calls for changing the timing of the referendum are 'patronising' to his constituents