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Stuart Andrew MP welcomes new Police powers

Local MP Stuart Andrew has welcomed new Government action to give West Yorkshire police the power to prosecute up to 50 per cent of magistrates’ court cases.

Stuart Andrew spreads the word about Type 1 Diabetes in Parliament

Type 1 diabetes is a serious autoimmune condition that causes the body’s own immune system to turn on itself and attack cells in the pancreas, which produce insulin. The condition affects about 300,000 adults in the UK, including over 26,000 children and requires multiple daily insulin injections and finger prick blood tests to manage.

Dissapointment at the Children's Heart Surgery ruling for The Royal Brompton

The NHS review had decided that one of three children’s heart surgery units should be closed with services focussed on the remaining two. This legal ruling will mean that the Safe and Sustainable Review will now continue and a decision about the future of Leeds Children’s Heart Surgery Unit will be made on 4 July.

Leeds and Bradford to receive broadband boost

Today’s Budget announcement has seen Leeds and Bradford selected to become ‘super-connected cities’. It will receive up to £14.6 million to deliver ultra-fast broadband (80-100 Megabits per second) to up to 89,000 residents and 16,000 businesses, and high-speed wireless connectivity to up to 214,000 residents in key areas.

New investment announced for the Northern Hub

The Chancellor of the Exchequer today announced in the Budget that the Government will support Network Rail to invest a further £130m in the Northern Hub rail scheme, subject to value for money.

Stuart Andrew MP applauds Pudseys' adoption of 'No ID, No Sale' policy

The Pudsey MP said that following the new government’s decision to abolish National ID cards, schemes such as CitizenCard were essential:“I already have 899 CitizenCard cardholders in my constituency but I am urging all young adults in Pudsey to obtain a CitizenCard or similar ID that contains the police-endorsed PASS hologram. Only then can retailers fully implement the ‘No ID, No Sale!’ policy which allows adults to buy whatever they wish whilst ensuring that children cannot buy alcohol, tobacco and other restricted goods.”

Stuart Andrew MP welcomes upgrade to police.uk website

Stuart Andrew, MP for Pudsey, welcomes the upgrade to the website police.uk introduced on 30 January 2012. These improvements give the public an even more detailed picture of crime and anti-social behaviour in Pudsey and the surrounding constituency.