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Local MP Highlights Children's Hospices in Parliament

Speaking at the Westminster Hall debate on ‘care of the dying’ on Tuesday 17th January, the MP for Pudsey highlighted his views on the importance of children’s hospices and stressed the important work they do to support patients and their families.

High Speed Rail announcement brings good news to Leeds

The Government this week announced that the High Speed 2 rail network would go ahead. The ‘Y shaped’ network will provide direct high speed links between London, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester, with stations in the East Midlands and South Yorkshire. The network will accommodate high capacity trains designed to run initially at speeds of up to 225mph, potentially rising in the future to 250mph.

Local MP speaks out for 'Right to Buy'

Local MP for Pudsey, Stuart Andrew MP, questioned the Minister for Housing about what steps the government is taking to support home ownership, at this week’s Communities and Local Government Questions, on Monday 5th December.

MP Urges Carers to Seek Support

Stuart Andrew MP has lent his support to Carers UK’s national carers’ rights campaign, urging people caring for ill or disabled loved ones to access all the support they are entitled to.

MP for Pudsey calls for the Safe and Sustainable review to revise its options regarding the closure of the Leeds Children's Heart Surgery Unit

MP for Pudsey, Mr Stuart Andrew MP questioned the Minister of State for Health, Mr Simon Burns MP, at this week’s health questions on Tuesday 22nd, in light of new evidence that most families in Yorkshire and the Humber will travel to Liverpool or Leicester rather than Newcastle if the Children’s Heart Surgery Unit in Leeds was to close. Mr Andrew, who is currently heading up the campaign in Westminster to save the Unit, has raised this issue several times with the Secretary of State for Health during earlier Parliamentary Questions sessions.