Leeds Heart Unit Secure

Stuart has today welcomed the NHS’ congenital heart disease review, which has been praised as less divisive than previous reviews.

After fighting for the Leeds Children’s Heart Unit to remain open, Stuart has welcomed the news that the NHS has pledged to continue to support and monitor progress at Leeds, which should meet all required standards by 2019.

Stuart has said:

“This review should be welcomed given that it is based on standards, and ensuring that patients have access to safe, high quality and sustainable care. In Leeds I was proud to lead the campaign to save the Children’s Heart Unit, which we achieved with the support from MPs across all parties. We had always fought to encourage multi-centre work, and the NHS should be proud of the steps it has taken with this review to encourage this.

“Patients, families and staff in Leeds should be encouraged that Leeds is close to meeting all required standards, and has met the majority of safety and sustainability standards required of it. A lot of work went into vindicating the Unit, so I want to pay tribute to everyone who was involved. Yorkshire spoke with one loud voice, and it has been successful again.

“More widely, this review has been about ensuring there is the right care in the right place – it has engaged with the community and NHS staff much more than its predecessor did. Of course, there will be questions about care moving forward, but after speaking to NHS England, I am assured that they have taken the necessary steps to make this a success.”

The Review had the following aims:

  • Securing the best outcomes for all patients – not just lowest mortality but reduced disability and an improved opportunity for survivors to lead better lives;
  • Tackling variation – ensuring that services across the country consistently meet national standards, and are able to offer resilient 24/7 care, and;
  • Improving patient experience – including how information is provided to patients and their families, and consideration of access and support for families when they have to be away from home.