LIFE IN POLITICS - Leeds is crying out for a new Ring Road

Stuart regularly writes for the Yorkshire Evening Posts column "Life in Politics", which we have shared below. The full article can be found on the Yorkshire Evening Post's website. 


"Leeds is a fantastic city. Its transformation over the last couple of decades has been great to see.

Hosting a range of exciting businesses, culture that attracts many visitors and events that certainly draw the crowds and will continue to do so. But there is one area that still needs significant attention and that it its transport infrastructure.

Whilst there are plans being considered for the railways and buses, there is a real need to sort out the outer ring road. Leeds must be one of the few major cities without a true ring road system, resulting in misery for commuters on a daily basis. This is a problem that has existed for many, many years without much improvement. It is surely time for change.

Within my constituency, the ring road from Dawson’s Corner to Horsforth Roundabout is the most congested part of the outer road network at rush hour, frustrating many commuters on a daily basis.

But more importantly parts of the road are simply hazardous, resulting in too many accidents – some with truly awful consequences.

A well-funded and researched plan to alleviate traffic and improve safety should be a priority. This is something I have raised with both Leeds City Council and Transport for North and it is pleasing to see that, whilst obviously in very early stages, how to solve the problem is now being considered.

I welcome the news that in December 2018 it was announced that £400,000 has been granted to begin exploratory research on the A6120 Horsforth to Pudsey stretch of the road.

Personally, I want to see this section duelled to make it safer, increase capacity and relieve congestion – not least at the notorious Horsforth roundabout. However, I recognise this is a big undertaking and will take some time but it must be our ultimate ambition. In the meantime there are ensures that can be introduced in the short and medium term to start the process.

I hope this research will be conducted quickly and efficiently to show the feasibly and demand for this project. Looking at other cities and the road networks they have in place, it is only right and proper that our city should enjoy the same and I look forward to working with the authorities to lobby for the funding we will need once we have a proper plan in place."