MP for Pudsey calls for the Safe and Sustainable review to revise its options regarding the closure of the Leeds Children's Heart Surgery Unit

MP for Pudsey, Mr Stuart Andrew MP questioned the Minister of State for Health, Mr Simon Burns MP, at this week’s health questions on Tuesday 22nd, in light of new evidence that most families in Yorkshire and the Humber will travel to Liverpool or Leicester rather than Newcastle if the Children’s Heart Surgery Unit in Leeds was to close. Mr Andrew, who is currently heading up the campaign in Westminster to save the Unit, has raised this issue several times with the Secretary of State for Health during earlier Parliamentary Questions sessions.

Stuart Andrew MP said: “An independent study of the patient assumptions of the Safe and Sustainable review has confirmed what many of us already knew: that, contrary to the review’s claims, most families in Yorkshire and the Humber will travel not to Newcastle but to Leicester or Liverpool. Will my Rt Hon friend seek confirmation from the Safe and Sustainable review body that it will revise its options in the light of that new evidence?”

Whilst the Minister indicated that it would be inappropriate for him to give any view that might compromise the independence of Ministers on this independent review, Stuart Andrew MP has not been deterred, and continues to campaign against the closure of the Leeds Children’s Heart Surgery Unit.

Stuart Andrew MP said: “I am extremely concerned that closing this unit will put pressure on families, doctors and children. Even worse, forcing patients to travel for treatment could be a matter of life and death for some sick children and I will be doing everything I can to support the efforts of the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund.”