Response on EU Referendum Result

My office has received a lot of correspondence regarding the EU referendum result, so it is taking some time to read and respond to people's concerns, which I can only apologise for. My own view is:


Many different views have been expressed since the vote was held and we clearly live in a changing political world. I have read through your correspondence with great interest and do take on board your views. In terms of the questions those of you are asking concerning exactly where we go from here and the mechanics and timings involved, I am sure you will appreciate that many of these are impossible for me to answer precisely at this point.


I am sorry that you feel the result was the wrong one, however, I do feel it is a result that should be respected. This was a referendum that many people had called for. It is the ultimate form of democracy and this should be observed.


It is now up to the Government to do what the electorate have asked and work out a way forward that is beneficial for all UK citizens. I do also acknowledge and respect the fact that many people voted to Remain in the EU, and I will do all in my power to make sure that we can negotiate deals that are favourable for us all. It was however always made very clear that the UK would have up to two years in order to renegotiate our relationship with the EU and that we would remain a member, with all that involves, until those negotiations are complete.


I understand that many people were concerned with the individual campaigns on both sides, and this was why I chose not to actively campaign for a leave vote, as I felt it was important that voters had their chance to develop their own thoughts on the topic. At no point did I support statements such as the £350m for the NHS.


It is I suppose inevitable that there would be a clamour for information and action immediately after the vote, and I do hope that the process to leave the EU can be invoked sooner rather than later, but we may have to wait for some time before many of your questions can be answered, and I hope you will be patient in the meantime.


I can appreciate that you may disagree with this, but I think it would be wholly wrong to reject the will of the people.


Additionally, I share the deep concerns of constituents who are worried about the increase in racist attacks since the referendum result. These should be condemned at all opportunities, and I was pleased to be able to sign a letter from Yorkshire MPs to faith leaders across the county emphasising that migrants are welcome in this country, and they always should be.