Stuart Andrew MP raises issue of the allocation of resources to local communities with Deputy Prime Minister

Stuart Andrew, MP for Pudsey, Horsforth and Aireborough, questioned the Deputy Prime Minister during Deputy Prime Minister’s Questions this week as to what assurances he could give that, in the event of further devolution, resources will be allocated by proven need.

Stuart Andrew MP said: “Although I welcome the move away from centralisation that was prevalent under the previous Government, a number of my constituents have raised concerns that devolution of power may still feel centralised from their communities by city centres.  What assurance can my right hon. Friend give that the allocation of resources will be based on proven need?

In his response, the Deputy Prime Minister assured Stuart that the agreed growth deal process was based on the needs of the entire functional economic area and also went on to note that the significant transport fund worth £1 billion will lead to a step change in people moving not just between city centres, but the whole of West Yorkshire. 

Stuart Andrew MP said: “I was pleased with the assurances I received from the Deputy Prime Minister and feel that his comments demonstrate a real commitment by the Government to ensure that the needs of my constituents are taken into account.  Indeed, as we continue to move away from the centralisation of the previous Government, it is vital that the needs of local communities are taken into account and I will continue to do all I can to encourage the Government to do this.”