Stuart Andrew MP shows support for Meningitis Change Futures Campaign

The Meningitis Changes Futures campaign was launched this week at the Houses of Parliament, and aims to raise awareness of the long-term after-effects of meningitis, many of which are ‘invisible’. Amongst those MPs who attended was Stuart Andrew, MP for Pudsey.

The campaign comes as new research commissioned by the Meningitis Trust reveals that children who survive meningococcal disease are:

• five times more likely to have speech, communication and hearing problems
• four times more likely to have mental health problems
• six times more likely to have epilepsy
• significantly more likely to have memory and IQ problem

These children can be left struggling at school, deprived of the educational support they need to reach their potential.

Stuart Andrew, MP for Pudsey said ‘I am pleased to see that awareness is being raised on this very important issue. Meningitis is a truly devastating disease, and it is all too easy to forget the impact this illness can have on a child’s education. ‘

Stuart Andrew MP showed his support for the campaign by signing a petition calling for automatic assessments and appropriate educational support to become routine for every child who survives meningitis.

‘I was happy to add my name to this petition and urge my colleagues to pledge their support to this vital campaign. I very much hope my constituents will join me in signing the petition.’

Members of the public can show their support for the campaign by signing the petition at:

The Meningitis Trust aims to improve the lives of people affected by meningitis by providing free support and campaigning for change where it is needed. We have a range of tailor-made support services available to everyone affected. This support is for life. For more information please visit or call our helpline on 0800 028 18 28.