Stuart Andrew MP welcomes announcement of plans to crackdown on unfair management agents

Yesterday the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Sajid Javid announced plans to further regulate the private rent industry to crackdown on unfair management agents. These new proposals are part of a move by the government to empower consumers, especially in a sector that has often taken advantage of renters. With this in mind, a decision to ban letting fees has been reached, which will help to eliminate rogue landlords and agents. The government is now taking steps to understand whether regulatory overhaul of the sector is required, and what measures are needed to further protect consumers from unfair costs. Stuart Andrew MP has welcomed these changes which will alleviate some of the problems faced by private renters in Pudsey. These measurements will help to protect renters in Pudsey from escalating fees and those who have been overcharged or forced to pay unfair charges.

Stuart Andrew MP said: “I am really pleased to hear this announcement, these crucial changes will help the government crackdown on rogue landlords and agents who have taken advantage of renters for too long. These important changes will improve the lives of renters in my constituency and right across the country.”