Stuart Andrew MP welcomes Prime Minister's action on EU immigration

Stuart Andrew, MP for Pudsey, Horsforth and Aireborough today welcomed the Prime Minister’s speech on immigration and the European Union. In a speech outlining the plan to cut net migration from the European Union, David Cameron set out a package of measures that will remove the financial incentives that attract migrants to Britain.

The reforms will mean that in the future:

EU workers will:

·         Not get in work benefits until they have been in the UK for 4 years;

·         Not get social housing until they have been here for 4 years; and

·         Not get child benefits and tax credits for children living elsewhere in Europe no matter how long they have paid taxes in the UK.

EU jobseekers will:

·         Be removed if they are not in a job within six months.

David Cameron said:“I will negotiate a cut to EU migration and make welfare reform an absolute requirement in renegotiation. My objective is simple: to make our immigration system fairer and reduce the current exceptionally high level of migration from within the EU into the UK. We want to create the toughest system in the EU for dealing with abuse of free movement. We have real concerns. Our concerns are not outlandish or unreasonable. We deserve to be heard, and we must be heard.”

Additionally, he outlined plans to introduce stronger arrangements for deporting EU criminals and stopping them coming back. The system which allows EU migrants to bring family members from outside the EU without any restrictions will be abolished.

Welcoming the speech, Stuart Andrew commented:“Through my advice surgeries and people getting in touch, it has been clear to me that immigration is a big issue for my constituents. That is why I have made controlled immigration part of my six point plan for the constituency. I am pleased that the Prime Minister today outlined measures to tackle what is a growing issue – the impact that immigration has on our public services means that control is necessary. I have always been in favour of an EU referendum, so it should be welcomed that the Conservatives are going to deliver real and genuine reform as part of negotiations.”