Stuart Andrew MP welcomes support for families in Pudsey, Horsforth & Aireborough

Working families across Pudsey, Horsforth & Aireborough can look forward to having more money in their pockets – thanks to a range of new Government measures, which came into effect this week.

The tax changes will benefit around 40,840 people in Pudsey, Horsforth & Aireborough, meaning a typical basic rate taxpayer will pay over £1,000 less income tax than in 2010.

In addition, we are:

  • Giving over 2 million workers a pay rise through the National Living Wage and the National Minimum Wage.  These changes mean that a full time worker in Pudsey, Horsforth & Aireborough will earn £2,000 more a year than they did before we introduced the National Living Wage.
  • Providing pensioners with greater security in retirement by increasing the full State Pension by 3 per cent this year, meaning that 16,989 people in Pudsey, Horsforth & Aireborough will get nearly £190 more a year.
  • Freezing fuel duty for the eight successive year. This will save the typical driver £850 compared to Labour’s plans. 
  • Backing the high street by switching the way we value business rates. This will save a typical high street shop £800 and a typical restaurant over £1,600 by 2022-23. 

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond MP, said:

“Local people will have more pounds in their pocket and keep more of their hard-earned wages. By increasing the National Living Wage, cutting income tax, and freezing fuel duty for the eighth year running, we are boosting living standards for millions of people this April, giving them more choice over how to use their pay packet and building an economy that works for everyone.”

Stuart said:

“This is exactly the kind of news people across the constituency want to hear. It shows that by taking a balanced approach to the public finances, we’ve been able to keep taxes low for Britain’s hard-working families so they can keep more money in their own pockets."