Stuart Andrew has today praised the Junior ISA scheme for Looked After children and young people following the news that 481 young people in the care of Leeds City Council have joined the scheme.

The scheme was announced in the 2011 Budget, and has enjoyed great success, which many young people taking up the opportunity to save for their life after they have left care. Additionally, The Share Foundation, who run the scheme have announced a new learning programme for 2016. The Stepladder of Achievement, which is designed to help users plan effectively for when they leave care. Completion of all six steps (including literacy, numeracy and financial capability) would result in a £1,500 increase to their Junior ISA.

Praising the scheme, Stuart said:

“This scheme is contributing significantly to bringing hope for some of the most disadvantaged young people. There is a huge issue of how we can ensure people who leave care have every opportunity possible to succeed in life. I think this ISA scheme goes some way towards doing this.

“It’s a testament to Leeds City Council that they have been recommending schemes like this. With their Child Friendly Leeds campaign, which has seen their services improve so much in the last few years, the Council have shown the transformation that good caring can have for a person’s life.”