Stuart attends anniversary service marking 50 years of the Fulneck Morovian Museum

Stuart recently attended an anniversary service to celebrate 50 years of the Fulneck Morovian Museum.

The Fulncek Moravian Museum opened in 1969 to house a collection of Moravian memorabilia, including 18th century Moravian lace and embroidery, brassware brought back from Tibet and Eskimo carvings from Labrador. It is home to two 17th century cottages, a Victorian parlour and kitchen, weaving chamber, Moravian embroidery, folk exhibits, an 1822 hand-pulled fire engine and ethnographical exhibits.

Stuart said: “I very much enjoyed the anniversary church service at the Fulneck Morovian Museum and it was great to see all the history and artefacts including their 19th century fir engine. I would encourage all my constituents to visit during the summer as the museum is open every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon during the summer months and it is a very interesting visit.”