Stuart Backs Heathrow - Renews Rail Link Call

Commenting on the Government's decision to back expansion at Heathrow Airport, Stuart has said:

“I am pleased to see the Government have recommended a decision on airport expansion, demonstrating real leadership. If we are going to be a global trader and global centre, we need the airport capacity to cope with this.

“Moving forward, I am keen to make sure that the benefits of it are felt in our cities across the country, and will be pushing for increased links between Leeds and London to drive forward the northern powerhouse agenda and ensuring the benefits for the economy are shared in our area.

“There is a real opportunity to maintain and improve links between Leeds Bradford, London and the wider world. If we are to take advantage of the economic benefits of this decision we need to ensure that we have the right and most effective access to Leeds Bradford Airport. In my view, that has to be a rail link that can adequately cope with future demand”.

Stuart renewed calls for a rail link to the Airport by questioning both the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Secretary of State for Transport. He will be meeting with both in the coming months to push for a mass transit system in Leeds that includes the rail link.