Stuart calls on Government for additional funding to speed up cancer diagnosis

Stuart has called on the Department of Health to approve a funding application for £27 million by Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust which is to go towards a new pathology lab. This follows a successful application for £10.1million of investment from UK Research and Innovation to expand digital pathology and artificial intelligence programmes in the North. 

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust are a world leader in pathology and have made great strides in the digitisation of cancer diagnosis which has allowed a major step forward for faster and more accurate diagnosis of cancer patients. This includes an aim for 100% digitisation of slides containing patient sample tissues, which would allow pathologists to diagnose form digital images.

Stuart said: “I am firmly in support of the application for £27 million by Leeds Teaching Hospitals to allow for a new pathology lab. Pathology departments are under growing pressure and our NHS Trust have done fantastic work in the field of pathology and cancer diagnosis.

There are very few of us today who have not had our lives touched by cancer in some way and I firmly support all developments that help us diagnose and prevent cancer much faster.

The field of digital pathology allows for much faster diagnosis which can save countless lives. I have called on my colleagues in the Department for Health to approve this application for funding and I am very hopeful they will support us in making great strides in cancer diagnosis and prevention.”