Stuart Calls on Prime Minister for Fair Share of Broadband Funding

Stuart Andrew, MP for Pudsey, Horsforth and Aireborough, today called on the Prime Minister to ensure the digital and creative industry continues to flourish in Leeds with a fair share of the £1billion of funding announced in the Autumn Statement for better broadband. 

Stuart asked the Prime Minister:

 “The digital and creative industries are an important part of the UK economy and Leeds is fast becoming an important hub for the sector. I welcome the £1billion investment announced in the Autumn Statement for better broadband and can I urge my right honourable friend to ensure that Yorkshire gets its fair share of this fund so that we can build on our current success and become the UK’s centre of the industry?”

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, responded with:

“Can I assure my honourable friend that I recognise the role played by the digital and creative industries in our economy and I also recognise the excellent example of the vibrancy that those industries bring to the economy in Leeds. I am pleased that we are able to invest a further £1 billion in gold standard broadband that will bring better connections to two million more homes and businesses. I can assure him that I’m sure that Yorkshire will have a very central role to play in this.”

Following this, Stuart said:

I was pleased to have the opportunity to welcome this £1 billion in funding and to ask the Prime Minister to make sure that Leeds gets a fair share of funding. The digital and creative industries in Leeds catalyst for economic growth in our region, and I am keen to ensure this continues with the help of the funding announced for better broadband. High speed broadband is central to the success of the digital economy, and Leeds plays a major part in this. We need to keep banging the drum for Yorkshire’s digital industries which are a rapidly growing element of the economy of the future.”