Stuart calls for support for the 'Big Thank You' campaign

Stuart has pledged his support for the ‘Big Thank You’ campaign launched by the Leeds Clinical Commission Group (CCG). The aim of the campaign is to involve many of the city’s NHS organisations to generate public awareness around the fact that winter can be a tough time for health and care due to an increase in activity.  

The first of the awareness campaigns is the ‘Big Thank You’ campaign. The campaign gives people in Leeds and the surrounding areas a chance to recognise the city’s unsung winter heroes for all walks of life, such as carers or community group volunteers.

The campaign from the CCG encourages local people to pledge to one aim that could make them a winter hero. This could be looking out for an elderly neighbour or as simple as getting the winter flu jab.

Stuart said: “This is a great idea to not only alleviate the winter strain on our NHS, but also to help bring communities closer together. I would encourage everyone to pledge to this campaign and prepare for what could be further wintry weather in the coming weeks and to keep an eye out for the community events the ‘Big Thank You’ campaign is holding, as well as the other campaigns which will be announced soon.”