Stuart Makes Speech Backing Greenbelt & Questions Minister

Speaking in yesterday’s debate on the Neighbourhood Planning Bill, Stuart invited the Housing and Planning Minister to witness the ‘terrible effect’ that Leeds City Council’s house building plans would have on Pudsey, Horsforth and Aireborough.

In the debate, he said:

In its Core Strategy, Leeds City Council decided that it will build 70,000 homes during the plan period. That is an ambitious target – it will mean a considerable number of houses having to be built each year. The problem is that the target is based on outdated information, with the census showing a 14,000 difference from the Council’s figures.

The Council obviously has to find sites on which to build houses, but all we have left now is greenbelt. We have been told that housing targets cannot be considered as the exceptional circumstance necessary for building on the greenbelt. But, there is more concern than ever that when the plans go to the inspector, he will say, because the figure of 70,000 has been agreed, that we can build on the greenbelt. We do not want to be just a part of the big city of Leeds. The identifiable towns across Pudsey, Horsforth and Aireborough all have their own identity. I would therefore extend to my honourable Friend a warm invitation to visit my constituency so that he can see the issues that we face at first hand. I hope that the Minister will come to my constituency soon so that I can show him in detail the problems we are facing.

You can watch Stuart's speech by visiting the following link: