Stuart meets with CEO of Together for Short Lives

On Wednesday 10th October Stuart met with Andy Fletcher, the CEO of Together for Short Lives, the UK’s leading charity for the 49,000 children living with life-limiting conditions, and their families.

The charity speaks on behalf of the children and provides support to the affected families to truly make a difference and lobby for serious change in the sector. The aim of the charity is to make the lives of the children as good and fulfilled as it possibly can be.

Stuart saidI was delighted to meet with Andy to discuss the vital work that Together for Short Lives do. As someone who has worked in the palliative care sector, I know first-hand how important it is. It is especially important to offer support to the families as they go through the worst moments of their lives. No child deserves to go through this, but it is vital that Together for Short Lives get the coverage they deserve to ensure any child that has to go through this, has the best life they can.”