Stuart meets constituents at "The Time is Now" Climate Change Lobby in Westminster

Stuart recently attended the mass lobby to discuss with his constituents passing new legislation to create a healthier environment for people and wildlife and ways we can end the UK’s contribution to climate change.

‘The Time is Now’ lobby involved more than 130 organisations and represented over 15 million people – ranging from aid agencies CAFOD, Christian Aid and Islamic Relief to community groups including the Women’s Institute and environmental organisations such as WWF, National Trust and Friends of the Earth. It follows global environmental protests, and the declaration of a climate and environment emergency by the Parliament.

Stuart said “It was a pleasure to meet my constituents at what I understand to be the biggest ever mass lobby for climate, nature and people. I have heard and listened to their views and I do agree with them – we do need to act in order to address our climate change emergency. It is clear that the climate and environmental crisis is a mainstream issue held dear by many of my constituents, and from people all across the country. I’ll be working to make sure their voice is heard in Parliament at this critical moment for climate, nature and people.”