Stuart Meets Minister to Discuss Joint Enterprise

After raising the issue at Prime Minister’s Questions, Stuart Andrew MP has since met with his constituent Lorraine Fraser, whose 16 year old son Tyrone was murdered by a gang, a representative of victims charity MAMAA and the Minister for Victims at the Ministry of Justice, Mike Penning MP to secure clarification on the changes to the law of joint enterprise.

This follows a legal ruling by the Supreme Court which overturned an interpretation of the law, which meant those who had been held to have foresight of the offence but did not conduct the offence themselves could be found to have intent to commit that offence and be convicted as an accessory to the crime.

The Minister affirmed in the meeting that the Government are committed to upholding joint enterprise offences and clarified that the ruling on the law is a small change relating to the “foresight” as a test to establish intention to commit the offence. The Minister also confirmed that he is committed to victim support and will be publishing a Green Paper later in the year to provide more support to victims of criminal offences. Stuart said:

“I have long supported Lorraine and other victims’ families who have campaigned for joint enterprise laws to remain in place as they are understandably apprehensive about the prospect of the release of criminals back into society. I was delighted to have such a positive meeting with the Victim’s Minister and my constituents, and we were assured that the changes may only have some relevance on a very small number of cases and will not lead to the release of countless criminals. I was also pleased to hear that steps are being taken to improve support for victims of crime, and I look forward to the publication of the Minister’s Green Paper later this year.”