Stuart meets with Network Rail about flooding at Guiseley Station

Stuart met with the Senior Communications Manager of Network Rail in Guiseley to discuss the planned works to tackle the flooding on Station Road.

Stuart, as well as many local residents, have long been unhappy with the constant flooding on the road outside the station and the lack of action by Network Rail.

It appears that the drainage system is in need of more extensive work than first identified and needs to be moved to prevent this problem happening. As a consequence they have agreed to do a much bigger piece of work and are now sorting the contracts. It is likely this will not be completed until next year. This further delay is not what I wanted and so they have agreed to ensure that pumping equipment will be installed as a temporary measure to stop the flooding happening in the meantime.

Network Rail found upon examining the issue that more extensive work needs to be done on the area. The drainage in the area needs to be moved and as a result of the meeting last Friday, Network Rail have pledged to undertake the bigger job and are already sourcing contractors. The work is expected to be completed next year. In the meantime, it was also negotiated that Network Rail would provide temporary pumping equipment to keep the area free of standing water until the new infrastructure can be put in place.

Stuart said: “This is an issue that many of my constituents have contacted me about over the past few years, with some of them even saying that the problem has been there for 40 years. As a result, I am delighted that Network Rail have finally pledged to fully undertake the project and ensure that flooding won’t reoccur in that area as well as ensuring the cobbles remain there. This is something that was also emphasised by local residents as important. Although there will be a delay to begin the works, I am confident that Network Rail view the project as a priority and I am happy that in the meantime the pumping equipment will alleviate potential inconvenience to constituents.”