Stuart opens new Trim Trail at Broadgate Primary School

Stuart was delighted to open up a brand new Trim Trail that will provide kids with the chance to let off some steam after an old trail was closed in 2016. The £9,000 needed was donated by a combination of local businesses and the school’s Parent Teacher Association.

The trail will also be used by Horsforth Children’s Centre benefitting the wider community. Furthermore, the association is £2000 away from their target of £7000 to extend the trail for smaller children, allowing the benefits to be felt even more.

Stuart said: “It was with great pleasure that I was able to open the new Trim trail at Broadgate Primary School. This will provide a great opportunity for kids to get outdoors and play with their friends. I am extremely proud of the community that came together to get the funding that was needed to allow this to happen. It shows the real sense of community that we have in our constituency, and would urge members of the constituency to club together to get the extra funding needed to extend the trail.”