Stuart Praises 'Huge Boost to the City' in HS2 Decision

Stuart and Cllr Andrew Carter, the leader of Leeds City Council Conservative Group, have welcomed the Transport Secretary’s decision to announce the preferred route for HS2 from the West Midlands to Leeds.

This is a major step towards:

  • significantly increasing capacity on our congested railways for both passengers and freight
  • improving connections between the our biggest cities and between the regions
  • generating jobs, skills and economic growth
  • helping build an economy that works for all

Stuart Andrew MP said:

“This is a very significant announcement and allays those concerns that the Leeds route might not happen. This is a huge boost to the city, almost doubling the number of intercity trains, bringing new skilled jobs and adding to the reasons which makes Leeds a great place to do business.

The fact that the government have recommended an integrated station approach is crucial. This means that HS2 can be seamlessly integrated into our city’s existing transport infrastructure and Leeds City Station will get the investment it deserves to become a world class transport hub. The integrated approach also means we have a real opportunity to build on the continued success of our local economy. This is a vote of confidence in the city of Leeds and the North of England.

I’d like to praise those in the city that have been working tirelessly to achieve this outcome. The best option for Leeds is the one that we are going to deliver.”

Councillor Andrew Carter, Conservative Group Leader on Leeds City Council, said:

“This shows the government is serious in its commitment to Leeds and to the whole Yorkshire region. We have continually called for our city’s transport systems to be properly integrated and this welcome announcement presents us with a real opportunity to achieve that.

Leeds already has a very positive business environment and HS2 will build on that. Reduced journey times, increased capacity, integrated infrastructure and better inter-city connectivity sets up Leeds for an even brighter economic future.”