Stuart shares delight as Palliative Care funding is boosted

Following on from the #fundnotfail campaign from Together for Short Lives earlier in the year that called for an increase in statuary funding for children’s palliative care, it has been confirmed that an increase in funding has been granted.

On 27th December NHS England announced an increase in funding of up to £25 million per year. This is a campaign that Stuart has long pledged his support to and campaigned for. In November Stuart visited Martin House Hospice as part of his support for the then proposed increase in funding. Martin House provides support to nearly 600 families across the region. Funding will also go towards research and education to enhance the palliative care experience for the patients and their families/

Stuart said: “I am very pleased this funding increase has been announced. Palliative Care is something that I believe is very important to fund as the care provided matters so much to the patients and their families in all communities, including our own. Having previously worked in this field, I have, and will continue to promote innovation and further investment in this vital sector to ensure the most effective care is available to all.”