Stuart Shows his Support for City Year UK at Party Conference

Stuart met with City Year UK volunteers at this year’s Conservative Party Conference and pledged his support for the Full-time Social Action Campaign.

City Year UK is a youth social action charity which challenges 18 to 25 year olds to tackle educational inequality by engaging in a year of voluntary work. In effect, the young people act as mentors to younger students in some of the most disadvantaged communities in the UK.

The Youth full-time Social Action (FTSA) offers the chance to work in a variety of sectors to help the most vulnerable. By working for charities the volunteers can help with a variety of things such as, helping children get better grades at school, help rough sleepers, speed up recovery for hospital patients and improve the environment.

Stuart said: “I really enjoyed meeting the volunteers at the conference this year. The enthusiasm they showed clearly demonstrated to me the success of this scheme and how rewarding it is. Not only does the work they do help children who need mentoring, it acts as an important stage in the volunteer’s lives as they develop important real-life skills. Furthermore, the FTSA means the work that City Year UK have done can benefit more sectors of society.”