Stuart Signs Letter Denouncing Racism

Stuart recently signed a letter with Yorkshire MPs condemning racist attacks since the referendum result and welcoming migrants across the constituency. The text of which was:

The EU referendum result is a shock to the political system – a moment of great significance in our region as well as across the country and in Europe. In this turbulent time, we need to act to heal the divisions that have come to the fore in our communities.

As we move forward in working for the best possible deal for the UK, the discord that we have seen in recent days poses a real and tangible challenge on our streets.

Whilst there is anger and fear about the future to be found on all sides – we, as the region’s Members of Parliament join together, regardless of our political differences, to appeal for calm and to reassure our communities that we are united in our rejection of xenophobia, racism and the politics of hate.

As elected representatives we commit to future campaigning that will make people from all backgrounds feel that they belong.

We are stronger together and in these turbulent times we call on our communities to unite - now more than ever, it is key that we move forward with love and acceptance for all.

Additionally, Stuart commented:

"The EU referendum and the result was particularly divisive, and I am saddened to hear that there has been an increase in racist and xenophobic attacks. These should be immediately reported to the Police, and I will be the first to act on any attacks I hear about. I want to reassure migrants that they are welcome in this country, and I know that I speak on behalf of my constituents when I say that your contribution to this country is valued.

"I would encourage any migrants who are concerned about attacks or their treatment to contact me, and I will do all that I can to assist. It is incredibly important that we all come together at what is an uncertain time."