Stuart urges Floods Minister to help improve funding for Leeds flood defences

Stuart, joined by other Leeds MPs and Councillor’s from both political parties, met with the Floods Minister this week to reiterate how crucial it is that enough funding is provided to the region to help build adequate flood defences following the Storm Eva flooding in 2015.

The Storm Eva flooding, which began on Boxing Day in 2015, damaged more than 700 business properties and nearly 3000 homes, leaving £36.8m worth of damage behind.

Stuart said: "My main concern is that time is of the essence and I am aware that the damage was alleviated by the fact that this happened on Boxing Day as opposed to a normal working day. The reality is that this could happen at absolutely any time in a country with such unpredictable weather. I have pressed upon the Minister the urgency of this as this is about businesses and people in Leeds who are actually in danger if something like this happens again.

I have also been raising this with the Secretary of State to the Environment and I will continue to fight my constituent’s corner alongside my Parliamentary colleagues who are doing the same for the rest of Leeds."