Stuart visits delayed Aireborough Leisure Centre

Stuart recently visited the Aireborough Leisure Centre to discuss his constituents concerns about the ongoing issues and delays with the updating of the facilities.

The Aireborough Leisure Centre has been closed for remodelling since November 2016, and further delays since then have slowed down the original date at which the upgrade was due to be finished.

Stuart said: “Having heard from a number of my constituents about the Aireborough Leisure Centre, I asked to visit so I could understand the issues and delays and ensure the concerns of my constituents were being heard. While I am in no way a building expert, I could see for myself why there have been so many issues.

Most importantly, the extent of the asbestos in the building has been greater than first thought, which requires careful and professional removal due to the very real risk that asbestos poses to the health of those who encounter it. I appreciate that many of my constituents may wonder, as I did, why this was no discovered during the initial assessment, but it has been explained to me that it was not until the building itself could be closed before a safe and extensive search could take place to discover the extent of the issue.

There is also issues with much of the pipework, electrics and the heating system which needs to be replaced due to the regular leaking that many visitors have experienced over the years.

This latest delay was caused by the discover of some very serious cracks in the ceiling while the new, and very welcomed, changing rooms were being prepared. I understand this is currently being rectified alongside the leaking in the extensive flat roofing used in the building.

I appreciate that this 1960’s building has a host of problems, but I did see for myself how much progress has been made and these issues are structural and a safety concern as opposed to purely cosmetic. It was clear that all those involved in the remodelling share these frustrations and they are working hard to make sure the centre is ready by July.

I will continue to monitor this closely for updates on behalf of my constituents and I look forward to seeing the finished centre in July.