Stuart visits Yorkshire Water

Today, Stuart visited Yorkshire Water to see the work that they carry out in the local area as well as highlighting the issue of flushable wipes and environmental issues in the industry.

Yorkshire Water have recently emphasised their Twenty-Five Year Plan to protect the environment and reduce water waste as a priority; as well as providing the best and most financially competitive service possible for consumers.

Stuart was shocked to hear from workers the issues that ‘flushable’ wipes cause to the local sewage system. Yorkshire Water have spent £2.4 million on unblocking sewers that these wipes cause in the last year. The wipes don’t break down and clog together causing a block in the system and account for 80% of the blockages within the water system in the UK.

Stuart said: “It is always great to be able to visit the workers that keep something as vital as our water or sewage system in operation. The work that Yorkshire Water are doing towards promoting sustainability in the water industry is invaluable and acts as an important precedent setter for other companies to follow.

The wet wipe blockages shocked me simply by the fact they occur so often, are so costly to remove and how damaging these wipes are for the environment. I would urge people to check the wipes they are flushing and urge companies within the sector to be clearer about the environmental damage that the wipes could cause as well as the biodegradability.”