Stuart welcomes announcement for High Speed 2 Phase 2b consulations

The Department for Transport have announced that two consultations will take place to allow constituents to demonstrate their views on HS2 and allow an opportunity to view the plans that are being outlined. The consultations are in reference to Phase 2b, which includes the West Midlands to Leeds route that is due for completion in 2033.

High Speed two (HS2) is a new railway that will provide the future backbone of the railway network, linking London and Birmingham to Manchester, the East Midlands and Leeds, connecting 30 million people across the country.

The first consultation will be on the working draft Environmental Statement (WDES) for HS2 Phase 2b. The focus of this is to analyse the environmental impacts of the railway’s construction and how this will be monitored throughout the process. This will allow decisions to be made to reduce impacts on local communities.

Constituents can respond to the consultation on WDES in the following ways:

Similarly, the working draft Equality Impact Assessment Report (WDEQIA) will focus specifically on those people with protected characteristics and the potentially damaging effects on them of the construction and operation of HS2.

Constituents can respond to the consultation on WDEQIA in the following ways:

The consultations will close on 21st December 2018.

Stuart said: “HS2 is a vital project for the UK, which will not only promote economic growth, but also drive regional regeneration and support job creation. The impact on Leeds and the areas surrounding could be profound and benefit the local economy tremendously. I appreciate the concerns of my constituents, especially with regards to the environmental issues that the construction and running of the service may bring. As a result of this I would encourage constituents to get involved with the consultations to highlight their concerns.”