Stuart welcomes changes to Blue Badge criteria and enforcement

Stuart Andrew has welcomed an announcement from the Department for Transport that a new guidance will be issued to local authorities on the issuing of disabled parking badges.

The changes will mean that from 30 August 2019, people with non-visible disabilities that affect their mobility will be eligible to obtain a Blue Badge.

Stuart said “I am very pleased to hear that new guidance will be issued allowing local authorities to issue Blue Badges to those with non-visible disabilities, which will benefit those who find road travel difficult and provide them with better access to work, amenities, family and friends. This is very important as part of the Government’s work to improve greater parity for physical and mental health and I am very pleased by this.

I understand that the Department for Transport have already anticipated that with the issue of more badges, there will be an increased pressure on parking spaces and they have pledged to conduct a review into the enforcement of badges over the summer months to ensure we can continue to make sure the Blue Badge scheme benefits those who need it.”