Stuart welcomes decision of Bradford Council to retain Sunnybank Playing Fields

Following a campaign by local residents and Sunnybank/Woodhall Recreation Fields Community Action Group – supported by Stuart and several Leeds City Councillors – Stuart has welcomed the news that Bradford Council has decided against the proposed Community Asset Transfer of Sunnybank fields to Albion Sports.

However, they have granted Albion Sports a short lease subject to conditions preventing any further development of the recreation ground. Conditions will also be imposed to prevent the playing pitches from being enclosed, to ensure that public access is maintained, and to make playing space available to other football teams and to other sports, such as cricket.

Stuart said “I am pleased that Bradford Council have made a constructive move that goes some way to addressing the concerns of the Community Group and local residents, but as ever the green spaces in our constituency still remain under threat.

I understand that the Community Group plan to oppose the short lease and I will be looking closely into any agreement between Bradford Council and Albion Sports. In the meantime, any progress at all is progress and I would like to thank our fantastic Community Group and residents for making sure they were heard.”