Stuart welcomes new funding for road repairs and congestion

Stuart has welcomed the news that the Autumn Budget 2018 includes a payment to local authorities in England to spend on road maintenance and repair.

The Chancellor announced that an additional £420 million will be made available to improve potholes and repair our damaged roads and bridges and £150 million to improve local traffic hotspots such as roundabouts.

Stuart said: “I am delighted by this payment, as I have been pressing the Department for Transport for additional funding to help improve our roads and bridges in Pudsey, Horsforth and Aireborough since I was first elected in 2010. I am also pleased that local authorities will receive this money quickly and without a burdensome application process, so we can get started on making these long overdue repairs.

I am very happy that there is funding to improve traffic hotspots, as we have had significant difficulty recently with traffic and congestion issues and I am very pleased the Treasury has listened to my concerns. ”