Stuart welcomes Pathology funding announcement for Leeds Teaching Hospitals

After calls from Stuart in recent weeks for a funding increase to be allocated to Leeds, the Secretary of State, Matt Hancock MP, has confirmed the allocation to the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

The funding, totalling up to £25.82 million, will go towards the NHS Trust’s Consolidation of Pathology Services which will deliver a new open plan laboratory facility to centralise all Leeds Teaching Hospitals Pathology Services.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust are a world leader in pathology and have made great strides in the digitisation of cancer diagnosis which has allowed a major step forward for faster and more accurate diagnosis of cancer patients. This includes an aim for 100% digitisation of slides containing patient sample tissues, which would allow pathologists to diagnose form digital images.

Stuart said: "I am delighted with the news that this funding has been approved to the Leeds area. Increased funding for our NHS is something that I have long campaigned for and a topic I brought up to the Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock MP his recent visit to the constituency. Cancer is something that is personal to all of us and this funding will benefit many of us in the local area, as well as benefiting the research in the area which will have a wider impact."