Stuart welcomes Totaljobs data signalling increase in job opportunities

Research from one of the UK’s leading job boards, Totaljobs, shows there has been 33% increase in jobs advertised in Leeds since 2016. The new figures show the jobs market is booming in the city as it emerges as one of the North’s hotspots, competing with London.

The number of people either changing roles or looking for employment has also seen a steady increase since 2016, with job applications going up by 14%. Roles in the Technology sector are most in demand, with Totaljobs recording a 25% increase in applications over the past six months.

This follows recent research by Totaljobs that showed that while London may have long been famed for having the best job opportunities, northern cities are becoming increasingly attractive. The research showed that people in Leeds have the cheapest commute, paying an average of £52.97 per month – almost half the average London cost and £11 less than in Liverpool. Since they also pay around half the total monthly household rent compared to Londoners (£579 vs. £1,053), it’s an attractive alternative to the capital. Totaljobs research has also shown that 53% of Londoners would accept a lower salary to relocate to a new city if it meant a better quality of life. The appeal of the North is not going unnoticed with workers across the UK providing businesses based in Leeds with a real opportunity to attract jobseekers to the city. 

To celebrate Leeds and highlight the thriving job opportunities in the city, Totaljobs has reversed the traditional CV to create a Leeds ‘City CV’ – a city profile bringing to life Leeds’ best attributes and most attractive factors. Formatted and written much like a candidate CV, the ‘City CV’ makes the case for ‘hiring’ Leeds, encouraging candidates to consider the city when looking for their next job opportunity. In keeping with turning the idea of a CV on its head, the ‘City CV’ is also designed to support employers selling their employer brand when looking to attract new talent to Leeds.

Martin Talbot, Director at Totaljobs said: “There is a thriving jobs market in Leeds with a huge number of opportunities not only for jobseekers in the area but also those considering relocating for work. Beyond the spike in Technology applicants to the city, it’s also the largest legal and financial centre outside of London, helping to spur on the Leeds jobs market. Business growth has meant the rise in vacancies outpaces applications, so there’s a wide range of roles available for talent in Leeds - meaning employers need to ensure they stand out from the crowd when it comes to recruitment. Whatever their story is, there’s a reason why a business is based where it is. That local pride can be tapped into and shared when employers make the most of what’s right on their doorstep. By presenting this visually through video and imagery on company websites and job adverts, they can bring their employer brand to life. We hope our fun take on the traditional CV helps to shine a spotlight on the opportunities in the city and gets people talking about employment more confidently.”

Stuart said “Leeds has long been a vibrant hub for business and it is fantastic to have this confirmation from Totaljobs that the jobs market in the city is continuing to thrive. We are increasingly competing with London to attract the best talent and some of the most exciting businesses. These stats help to illustrate the employment opportunity that Leeds presents and I love the concept of creating a ‘City CV’ to help attract more talent to the area. Our community will attest to the great quality of life this city has to offer and we encourage people from London and beyond consider Leeds when thinking of making their next business or career move.”

The City CV describes Leeds as “A vibrant leader of the North” with a long history in trading – from the wool trade in the 17th century through to financial industries today. It also highlights businesses such as Channel 4 moving their headquarters to the city, and celebrity connections like Jeremy Paxman, Chris Moyles and Marco Pierre White who were born in Leeds.  

For more information about jobs in Leeds and to download the CV visit