A Welcome Refreshment for the Pudsey Economy

A new report from Oxford Economics highlights the positive economic impact of the British soft drinks industry and how it is a success story of manufacturing, retail and hospitality in Pudsey and in the UK.

The report, ‘Local Impacts of the Soft Drinks Sector’ demonstrates how the industry makes an economic contribution worth £29 million in Pudsey and sustains 516 jobs.

Stuart Andrew said “This report demonstrates how the soft drinks industry is supporting jobs in Pudsey. It’s great to see what an important role they play in the local economy.”

Overall activity across the UK has been estimated to sustain over 340,000 jobs, £5.6bn in wage and contribute over £11bn overall to the economy through manufacturing, supply chain and retail.

Beyond this, soft drinks companies understand they play a significant role in the lives of their consumers and the wider communities they do business in.

Through new product development, reformulation and increased investment in advertising, 60% of drinks sold in the UK are low and no calorie and the sector overall has reduced calories by 7.5%.